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  • Spring 2019 Registration begins on Nov 28, 2018 at 10 AM
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      • Forms will not be accepted/processed without a FULLY COMPLETE attachment. 
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      • This Enrollment Request may impact your financial benefits. It is your responsibility to update all applicable information.
        For example: 
        • GoArmyEd
        • Veterans Affairs [VA]
        • Financial Aid [FA]
        • Tuition Assistance [TA]
        • Etc
        I agree to pay the remaining balance owed by the end of the semester for which I have registered. I understand that my account balance at the applicable Adult and Online Education Campus reflects the anticipated amounts of financial aid I am expected to receive. I agree to be financially liable for the amount of any financial aid if my application for these funds is denied. I also understand and agree that should I withdraw after the end of the published ADD/DROP date specified in the term schedule, I will be responsible for the full tuition fees whether or not I attend class. If I fail to pay the remaining balance by the end of the semester for which I have registered, the entire unpaid balance will immediately become due and payable as well as legal fees, 12% per-annum service charge and collection costs incurred as a result of non-payment, and Campbell University may report the unpaid debt to the credit bureau. Campbell University may institute further actions to include withholding university services, such as registration privileges, diploma and/or transcript releases.
    • By signing and submitting this form:
        • I understand that this request is not automatic and/or guaranteed and will be processed in the order forms were received. 
        • I understand this change may affect my financial aid, TA, VA, tuition charges, full-time status, and/or impact a variety of other factors.
        • I understand that it is my responsibility to contact the appropriate offices that may be affected by this request. [Financial Aid, Business Office, TA Counselor, VA Counselor, etc]
        • I understand the severity of both cheating and plagiarizing, as well as the possible consequences. I understand that it is my responsibility to ensure the work that I turn in is only mine. I also will not knowingly help anyone to break Campbell University's academic honor code. 
        • I understand that with this change I am held to the policies and requirements of the applicable Academic Catalog

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